Get out and Vote

Tuesday is Election Day.

Everett voters are asked to go to the polls to elect their new state representative.  According to all pundits the turnout will be low.

This election is not a slam dunk for any candidate.

There are four and possibly five candidates still vying for the seat.

The contest for the state representative seat has been hotly contested.  Hopefully, voters have met the candidates or asked questions about their priorities if they are elected on Tuesday.

The importance of residents to vote is that it means state money coming into our city coffers.

In today’s newspaper is a story that appears on page 2 concerning Everett being in line for almost $1 million state dollars for road repairs.  This is money that Everett taxpayers will not need to be taxed locally.

The simple point is that whoever our new state representative will be, there will be no seniority and very little political clout.  This could cost Everett taxpayers state aid.

A good voter turnout will have two effects.

First, it will show to the State House hierarchy that we care about our new state representative.

Secondly, the best candidate will be chosen if a large base of voters make the small effort and go to the polls.

Don’t let apathy prevent you from voting.

Get out and vote on Tuesday, April 2.

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