Faia Named a Student Ambassador

Marc Faia

Marc Faia

Madeline English School student Marc Faia was recently selected to represent Everett as an Ambassador to Gov. Deval Patrick’s Project 351, which celebrates the ethic of service, youth leadership, the mosaic population of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the power of community to uplift and unite.

Project 351 is an independent non-profit fully staffed by volunteers with expertise in community service, youth engagement and the non-profit sector.  The Project is made possible by strong partnerships with educators, non-profit organizations, the Project 351 Alumni Leadership Council, citizen volunteers and the kind support of parents and families.

With Gov. Patrick serving as Honorary Chair, several meetings will be held throughout this year.  More than 250 students from across the state recently participated at the event, which celebrates community service and youth leadership of middle school age students.

The day’s agenda included several Kick-off activities designed to allow the participants to get acquainted, as well as a series of reflections on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. An afternoon of High Impact Service was hosted by five non-profit organizations across Boston.  After this time, the group shared reflections with Governor Patrick and re-affirmed their commitment to the project.  The day ended with a community dinner and celebration activities.

This was a remarkable day of networking because by the end of it, all of the Ambassadors from across the state selected a topic to work on a service project.

Marc’s leadership qualities and exemplary commitment to service make him a perfect candidate to represent Everett.  At the English School, Marc leads a school- wide character education program, entitled Respect and Responsibility, by promoting positive behavior to all students. Additionally, Marc has taken it upon himself to initiate several fundraising activities for his grade eight class.  Marc is currently working on a public service announcement against bullying for the MARC (Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center) program at Bridgewater State College.  The English School community congratulates Mark in his work with Project 351.

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