Progress Continues on Lower Broadway Project

Mayor Carlo DeMaria, Jr. and the Department of Planning and Development recently held a public meeting to discuss the proposed Lower Broadway Project.  Representatives from the planning firm, Sasaki Associates, Inc., were in attendance and presented the data and background of their existing conditions analysis.  The firm also unveiled two possible long-term renovation scenarios based on a combination of their findings and ongoing community feedback.

Over forty residents, property owners, and local elected officials were in attendance to view the planning firm’s presentation and to offer input on a vision for the gateway area.  The two, suggested strategies for future land use included concepts such as:  insulating the current neighborhood from their larger industrial neighbors with a buffer of employment and commercial areas, repositioning the neighborhood park closer to the residential area, incorporating new public transit options, like a possible commuter rail flag stop or a bus rapid transit system, and also committing to the enactment of more specific city ordinances and regulations regarding zoning and licensing for the area.

In addition to planning and land use research, the administration is also committed to assuring that attention is paid to current and future market realities.  Working in tandem with Sasaki Associates, Inc. is GLC Development Resources, a firm focusing specifically on market research and analysis.  Their responsibility will be in advising the City if the strategy chosen will be feasible both in the present and in future market conditions.

The administration, Sasaki, and GLC have been conducting targeted outreach concerning the future redevelopment of Lower Broadway.  This included requesting participation and involvement from area property owners, neighborhood residents, local agencies, as well as the bordering industrial corporations.  Feedback regarding the two proposed scenarios will now be evaluated by Sasaki and GLC to draw out a Master Plan, which will be presented at an upcoming public meeting to be scheduled in mid-November.

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