Everett Boys & Girls Club Youth Member Wins Jeep-themed Party

Everett resident Mireline Thermidor displayed her artistic expression and creativity to win a national contest sponsored by Jeep.

Mireline Thermidor, 15, loves to dance, and all of her peers at the Middlesex County Boys & Girls Club know it. That’s why when a creative contest to win a party thrown by Jeep was presented Thermidor believed she had the talent and personality to win.

“It’s like your dream adventure,” Thermidor said of the contest. “I chose to take a road trip with my favorite celebrity, Ciara.”

Thermidor was one of eight winners chosen out of millions of submissions that poured in from across the country. Over four million youth were challenged by the Jeep brand and Boys & Girls Club to answer the question, “What would you do in this big world if you could do anything you wanted?”

The contest detailed that entries must include artistic expression and creativity. With the help of the Middlesex County Boys & Girls Club Program Director Jessica Jacob, Thermidor was able to make her vision digital. “We used iMovie and a flip cam and put together a montage,” Jacob said. The Everett resident’s video was titled “Hitting the Road with Ciara,” depicting her dream cross-country getaway with the celebrity singer and dancer.

“I’m a good dancer. I had a lot of good personality,” Thermidor said of what she believes captured the judges’ attention. And that it did, along with her compelling title and visual impact.

Although Jeep couldn’t fulfill the aspirational Thermidor’s fantasy, they were able to provide her and her friends and family with a fun-filled party in Glendale Park. Jeep brand ambassadors set up larger-than-life inflatable activities, a tent for dining, and other outdoor games. There was enough food to feed 200 people, according to an onsite Jeep representative. In addition to a day full of memories, Thermidor was also given gifts like an iPod Touch, to keep her creativity flowing.

“Like Boys & Girls Club of America, the Jeep brand believes it is essential to encourage today’s youth…to dream out loud,” Jeep President and CEO Mike Manley said in a statement about the event. “The Jeep brand is proud of all the participants who submitted entries and we congratulate all of the grand prize winners as well as the clubs who will enjoy the Jeep-themed events on their behalf,” he added.

With the tools to succeed both in and outside the classroom, Thermidor and her Boys & Girls Club peers will be able to achieve their most sought-after dreams, and perhaps one day a young hopeful girl will submit a video to a contest with the wish to go on a road trip with Thermidor.

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