Representative Smith in court

Representative Steve Smith had his day in Chelsea District Court last week. Smith appeared before a magistrate and was admonished for his failure to correct issues that exist in two properties he owns in Revere.

Revere officials took him to court to get action from Smith, who has been unable or unwilling to clean up problems at the apartment house.

Smith was found to have 24 units in two buildings where 12 units are allowed.

According to the magistrate, Smith has failed to meet the criteria set by the officials in Revere, who have been pleading with Smith to make the necessary changes to bring him in conformance with building and fire codes like every other property owner.

The magistrate set the first week of October for Smith to return to court with Revere officials.

If the required changes have not been made, the magistrate told Smith a criminal warrant would be served on him.

That this city’s representative on Beacon Hill could be a step or two from a criminal action taken against him is bad news for Everett. In this instance, Smith has become a liability and an embarrassment.

We urge him to do as all of us must do – follow the law, uphold the law, pay attention to the law.

If he can’t do that, he should get out of politics.

Smith is setting the wrong example. It isn’t right. It isn’t fair. The people of Everett who put their trust in him deserve more.

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