The Meeting About Lower Broadway June 26

A community visioning meeting being held June 26 from 6-8 at the Edward Connolly Center on Chelsea Street is one of the more ambitious and interesting meetings to be held locally by the administration in a long time.

If you are an Everett resident or live in the Lower Broadway area or have a business there, this meeting is a must.


Because the administration is taking a close and hard look with an eye toward inventiveness about how best to change as well as to blend the mixture of residential and commercial usages that make this portion of the city such a hodgepodge of business and residences.

The idea of the meeting is simply to discuss ideas about how to re-develop the Lower Broadway area. How do you make one of the most congested and heavily industrialized parts of the city into something that fits everyone and fits the city as well?

This meeting is all about resident and business owner participation and community groups are invited as well to have their say.

This meeting is actually laying the groundwork for a future Everett Master Plan.

In this city’s long history, master planning in areas such as Lower Broadway have been largely non-existent.

We urge residents, developers, business owners and all those concerned with how best to re energize and redevelop Lower Broadway to attend.

The future is what this meeting is all about.

It is nice Everett is looking forward in this instance.

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