Everett Man Expanding Catering Business Looking to Expand in the Corporate Arena

Chris Moreira

Chris Moreira, 28, is an up and coming Everett businessman.

He is the owner of The Square Deli, 421 Broadway, and he is the brains and the brawn behind a budding catering service that is trying to tap in to corporate catering for larger businesses in the Everett/Greater Boston area.

Moreira is working his business with a dedicated staff everyday and he is making a grand effort to have a meaningful impact on the local food and catering scene.

The day to day typical classic subs Square Deli has been known for for decades is supplemented by specialty sandwiches, paninis, wraps and there is home-style cooking with a different dish each day of the week.

“This is the kind of day to day things we do that has led to the biggest event we have done, which comes Wednesday – a woman’s health fare – called Celebrating Women-Living a Vibrant Healthy Life,” Moreira said.

This event takes place at Everett High School. It is a free event to be attended by women from all over the area cities and towns served by the Massachusetts General Hospital.

One-thousand are expected to attend. It is the ninth year the event has taken place.

Feeding 1,000 people is no easy task. In this instance, the organizers of the event are relying upon Moreira, his staff/and the Square Deli catering team for their culinary needs.

“We got this opportunity by word of mouth and because of our health parameters. We met their guidelines,” said Moreira. “We are excited by this challenge. You need true passion to work in the food industry. Our team has that passion and the know how. And I’m excited by the potential opportunities to come from this opportunity.”

What is going to be served?

“We’re doing an assortment of three sandwiches – all healthy options,” he said.

There will be a Waldorf chicken salad sandwich. Also, a marinated Italian grilled vegetable wrap and there will be a tomato, and fresh mozzarella with pesto. Wheat wraps, wheat grain bread and spiced multi-grain chibatta will be used for the sandwiches.

“We are doing 1,000 homemade granola bars from scratch – with a mixed green salad. I’m really exited,” Moreira added.

Moreira is a 2001 graduate of EHS. He graduated from LaSalle College in 2005 with a degree in hospitality management. He worked for four years at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston in food and beverage management and then on to his own business in Everett Square.

Square Deli Catering can be reached at 617-389-9489 or by e-mail at: The [email protected].

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