School Committee Re-elects Carreiro Chairman and Panarese Vice Chairman

School Committee Chairman Robert Carreiro

It would be hard to find two better-qualified choices for the posts of School Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman than those selected Tuesday night by the members of the Everett School Committee.

That was the judgment of veteran School Committee Member At Large,

Lester S. MacLaughlin, on the selection of Robert Carreiro as Chairman and Allen Panarese as Vice Chairman of the Everett School Committee.  “I have had the pleasure of working with both men for more than eight years on the School Committee, and they are more than

School Committee Vice Chairman Allen Panarese

qualified to guide the Committee as they face the tough decisions we have ahead” said Mr. MacLaughlin.

“Bob Carreiro was a teacher in the Everett Public School system for seventeen years, and served as President of the Everett Teachers Association for seven years.  He has also served as Chairman for the Negotiations Subcommittee, and has successfully negotiated contracts with the various school unions over the years.  He has also served as Chairman of the Everett Housing Authority, working on major projects as well as negotiating contracts for the administrative and maintenance employees” said MacLaughlin.

A lifelong resident of Everett and a graduate of Everett High School, Class of 1969, Mr. Carreiro went on to Salem State College, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.  For the past eight years he has been employed as Housing Management Specialist with the Department of Housing and Community Development in Boston, serving as a liaison between the Department and his assigned housing authorities to provide management assistance, to conduct on-site reviews and to monitor the management systems and regulatory compliance of housing authorities in all areas of the authority’s operations.

Mr. Carreiro is also a Risk Management Specialist, and handles the day-to-day operations of the Department of Housing and Community Development, including working with attorneys and claim investigators concerning claims, policies, and procedures.

Mr. Carreiro pledged to “do everything that is practical and necessary to get the business of the Everett School Committee done without sacrificing the achievements we have already worked so hard to accomplish”.  A member of the School Committee since 2004, Mr. Carreiro has served as Vice Chairman for two years.

Newly-elected Vice Chairman, Allen Panarese, pledged to continue working toward making the Everett Public School system one of the best school systems in Massachusetts.  “We have some of the most dedicated teachers, dedicated administrators, and dedicated support staff [in Everett]…with their continued help and support Everett will always be a leader in educating our youth” said Mr. Panarese.

Mr. Panarese has been employed as a Respiratory Therapist at the Whidden Memorial Hospital in Everett for over twenty years.  He received an Associates Degree from Bunker Hill Community College, and went on to Northeastern University to major in Respiratory Therapy, finishing his study at the prestigious Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

A native of Everett, Mr. Panarese and his wife (Carol Parisi) are both graduates of Everett High School (1974) as are their two sons, Jonathan (2004) and Gregory (2006).  Mr. Panarese has served as a member of the Everett School Committee for ten years, and was instrumental in expediting the construction of the new Everett High School.

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