Mayor, City Council: Increase ISD Enforcement

Mayor Carlo DeMaria, along with Alderman Robert Van Campen, Councilors David Rodrigues, D.J. Napolitano and Adam Ragucci finalized an Ordinance targeting repeat nuisance properties in the City.  Modeled after the City of Boston’s regulations, Everett’s Housing Task Force will now be able to levy daily fees for properties that require three or more service calls from Police or Code Enforcement within a year.

Property owners, or residents charged under the new ordinance will be subject to fines to cover the cost of Police and Code Enforcement personnel.  In extreme cases, the property can require a 24-hour Fire Department Detail, at the owner’s expense, or a seizure of the property.

The goal of the ordinance is to target those properties that pose a threat to public safety, especially those owned by absentee landlords.

Under the ordinance a nuisance property can include: any public nuisance in common law, properties whose condition annoys, endangers or is a threat to public safety; properties with repeat or continuous Code Violations and those that endanger Public Health.

The extensive ordinance covers everything from blighted properties, illegal lodging, dilapidated structures to those that effect common public peace and safety including but not limited to: dead trees, hanging limbs, noisy animals, unnecessary noises, illegal drinking or drug use, inappropriate construction (between 9PM and 7AM,) those with graffiti and illegal apartments.

“We have great neighborhoods in the City and we know that a majority of folks take care of their property, are active in the Community and enjoy living in Everett,” states Mayor DeMaria, “the goal of this ordinance is to target the absentee landlords and those who don’t care about the quality of life in the city.  Nobody wants a nuisance in their neighborhood and we’re going to do everything we can to prevent and stop nuisance properties from becoming a neighborhood issue.”

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