DeMaria Proud of Accomplishments, Plans More Growth in Next Two Years

Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. talks with residents at his recent second annual Family Fun BBQ.

With the international economy in a very shaky position, and the national economy in intensive care, Mayor Carlo DeMaria is undaunted by all the bad news and has vowed to keep Everett moving forward.

With the national debt at a staggering $14 trillion and growing and the state government cutting local aid receipts to cities and towns by hundreds of millions and in Everett’s case by more than $4 million in the last three years, Mayor DeMaria, about to enter his fourth year in office, is confident about Everett’s future and proud of his accomplishments as he seeks a third term.

“My first job is to keep the Everett budget thin,” DeMaria said in an interview. He pointed out that while fixed costs like health insurance costs, school building debt, retirement costs have increased by more than $7 million since he submitted his first budget in 2009, his part of the budget has only increased by $170,000.

“We have eliminated 71 positions by attrition,” he said.

DeMaria points out his accomplishment in getting more than $2 million in state funding to re-do Air Force Road off Santilli Highway and open the old GE brown field site to a new office park with millions in potential tax revenue.

“We are going after all the state and federal grants that we can,” he added.  “Some of these grants have resulted in hiring five new police officer and Air Force Road reconstruction.” DeMaria also said that his administration is actively seeking the Gateway City grant that will re-do Glendale Park.

DeMaria has been campaigning and greeting the voters. “We are taking nothing for granted in this election,” he said. DeMaria adds in the next week that he will be having coffee hours, going door-to-door and holding signs to meet voters and hear their comments.

“We have met with about 50 business owners who are upset about the commercial tax rate but once they see the budget, they understand what I am facing,” he added.

He points to the fact that in his administration many city streets have been repaved, Everett Stadium has been refurbished and parks and playgrounds have not only been re-done but have money in the budget to provide for constant upkeep.

DeMaria points out in the next term that he wants to start the process of revitalizing Everett Square, develop the 100 acres of land by the Charlestown Chew lofts and reinvigorate the Everett Redevelopment Authority.

“Everett is a community with pride, progress and possibilities,” he said.

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