The Everett Homecoming 2011; a Huge, over the Top Success

The 2011 Everett Homecoming was, once again, a tremendous success enjoyed by thousands and setting the example for the way a homecoming should be run.

The football game, before a massive crowd, saw the Crimson Tide demolish the strong Xaverian football team to remain undefeated and number one in the state of Massachusetts.

We again choose to highlight the enormous amount of work that goes into such a citywide, yearly celebration of everything Everett and Everett High School, past, present and future.

Everett’s Homecoming has become a signature event in this city. It is, in its present incarnation, the creation and product of Superintendent of Schools Fred Foresteire. It frankly takes a Fred Foresteire to create such a celebration as this and to have it be an extraordinary success.

Foresteire is the master of recreating the past, bringing together components of EHS classes from the past 50 years and he knows how to make a good mix of events to capture the interest of those who come back year after year to attend.

This year’s event once again combined the energy and the dynamism of Foresteire, Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria and State Senator Sal DiDomenico. To their great credit, all three helped to make this event the single biggest event of the year in the life and times of this great old city.

Homecoming reaches so many – young and old, men and women, school children and teachers, school administrators, PTA members, businesspeople, police fire and city hall employees.

No section of this city goes untouched when it comes to Homecoming.

Homecoming is also absolutely inclusive. People from every walk of life participated in the extravaganza which goes to show just how multi-cultural this city has become.

Homecoming involves the EHS student body in many, many ways. EHS students provided music. EHS athletes played on the field. EHS students and their parents and hundreds of alumni filled the stands and made the rounds of the city and the many activities that were offered.

This year’s Homecoming is made all the more exciting knowing that there are fewer and fewer of these celebrations throughout the state of Massachusetts.

Everett has come to be the leader in the Homecoming category.

Here, this event remains the city’s most significant celebration bringing together the generations and sharing in the camaraderie that this event produces.

We again thank Superintendent Fred Foresteire for his sense of duty, his perseverance and for his dedication to the idea that this city’s young and old should be connected by events such as the Everett Homecoming.

We owe him a debt of gratitude.

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