Representative Smith Announces Support on $500,000 Grant to Upgrade Glendale Park

State Representative Stephen ‘Stat’ Smith expressed strong support for the city’s application for funding assistance from the Parkland Acquisitions and Renovations for Communities (PARC) Grant Program for making improvements at Glendale Park. The half-million dollar grant would be part of the monies used to improve walking paths, lighting, playing fields and other upgrades to the park.

Glendale Park is the largest in Everett, at just under six acres in area.

“The improvements encompassed in the proposal to upgrade Glendale Park are needed in order to have this open space better serve the recreational needs of our residents, not only in the playing fields for youth team sports, but for a place to be out in the open away from buildings,” said Rep. Smith. “This proposal will make this park more useful to all,” he added.

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