Everett Writer Elaine Berrier Publishes Memoir/Journal

Molly Eiderdown’s Journal

Elaine Berrier has written a compelling novel about a 79-year old woman living in a nursing home. While the premise seems almost passive and quiet, the journal is a lively tale about the outlook, the times and the tribulations of Molly Eiderdown.

The very much alive Molly was forced into a nursing home by her children who believed it would be the best thing for her.

Her hearing was failing and so they decided to farm her out.

But she doesn’t like being in a nursing home – and after all – who would?

The book is about Molly’s insights relative to her place in the nursing home.

She is at one time happy or sad, laughing or crying.

The nursing home is a decent place. She comes to terms with it. While it is part home, she carries with her the persona of someone prison pent.

Her moods and feelings swing the gamut such as when she muses about dying.

“I have had children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren. Now, though, I don’t remember so well. I don’t seem to have much purpose in life. It is like I am waiting for my time to go.

“Oh, dear, I don’t mean to get so serious and maudlin. But then again, maybe it is good to put it here. That way, if and when my children read this after I die, they will know that I was ready and willing.”

On June 25, from 2-4 at the First United Parish Church on Broadway, Elaine Berrier will be signing her work at a book signing being held for her at the church.

Come meet Everett’s Elaine Berrier. And make sure you buy her book.

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