The Phunk is in the Final Four

The Phunk Phenomenon Dance team, based out of the Phunk Phenomenon Dance Studio in Everett, is performing on Randy Jackson’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” show on Music Television Thursday nights. In the front is Kassandra Rateau. From left, are Nikko Rich. Bebo Lloret, Devin Woolridge, Trey Rich, Ja Ja Leviner, and Christopher DiNicola.

The Phunk Phenomenon hip hop dance team based out of the Phunk Phenomenon Dance Studio of Everett owned by Reia Briggs-Connor and her husband, Rick Connor, has advanced to the round of four on the MTV show, “Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew.”

The Phunk will try to advance one step closer toward the $100,000 first prize on the next show that airs Thursday at 10 p.m. The show has been attracting three million viewers per week so the dancers and their coach Reia Briggs-Connor have begun to experience the glow of national fame.

Briggs-Connor and her husband have been traveling to California to be with their team in person but they’re in town this week for the studio’s recital that will be held Sunday at the Lynn City Hall Auditorium.

The followers of Phunk will be watching the show with Briggs-Connor and her husband Thursday night at Pizzeria Regina in Medford.

“It feels great to be in the final four and I’m proud of our dancers,” said Briggs-Connor. “I knew their talent would get them there, but I wasn’t sure how America would vote. It’s been good that they’re getting the support from the Boston community and from people all over the country.”

Every week the Phunk Dancers have been performing a new routine each week to a new song.

“The producers give the teams a different song and a different challenge, trying to make them step out of their comfort zone and to do something they’ve never tried before,” said Briggs-Connor.

The former New England Patriots cheerleader has been receiving well wishes from parents of dancers at the studio, Everett residents, and friends.

“There’s been so much excitement,” said Briggs-Connor. “Every Thursday everybody looks forward to going over to Pizzeria Regina and watching the show. The show has pulled everybody together and it’s been a nice bonding experience.”

Reia Briggs-Connor and Rick Connor and their son, Jared, have been featured in a segment on the show. Jared is afflicted with Sanfilippo syndrome, a rare disease, and Phunk’s popularity has brought more awareness for the disease, which was one of Briggs-Connor’s goals.

Those who watched Reia Briggs-Connor grow up in Chelsea knew she was a great academic student and a talented dancer/performer herself. They followed her career as a professional cheerleader and a business owner.

But will the Reia Briggs-Connor-coached Phunk Phenomenon group become the best hip hop dance team in the world?

Tune in Thursday night on MTV and find out.

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