The Tragedy in Arizona

The horrific shooting of 19 innocents in Arizona by a lunatic over the weekend with 6 deaths resulting, including that of a 9 year-old girl and a Federal judge proves again that this is a violent society where the availability of guns is leading us down a path of no return.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords lies in a coma fighting for her life following this assassination attempt. She was shot through the head by a bullet fired from a Glock semi-automatic pistol.

The pistol was bought at a gun store in Tuscon with the ease that some of us shop at a supermarket.

Obviously some things about our gun laws need to be changed and right now.

No one but law enforcement and members of the armed forces needs automatic rifles and pistols.

The shootings in Arizona proves that – it also proves how the lunatic fringe can be motivated into action by the discordant comments pervading the political atmosphere on television, the Internet, on radio and in print.

It is a moment for re-appraisal.

1 comment for “The Tragedy in Arizona

  1. SickofBothLeftCoasts
    January 12, 2011 at 9:53 pm

    What an idiot!! Buying a gun requires all the FBI back-grounds checks as it does in any other city or State, we can not get guns any easier than anywhere else. The fact the gunman was able to buy one is a fact of our Constitution …. and the ineptness of the Pima County Sheriff’s office. Who are you to declare only the Armed Forces (with capital letters) or law enforcement needs automatic weapons. By the same logic only the Armed Forces needs jets and only law enforcement needs high-performance automobiles. Besides, a gunman, practiced with a .375 revolver and an auto-loader could have shot just as fast. The shooting in Arizona proves nothing other than idiots, psychopaths and maniacs exit. As for your comment about discordant comments: what prove do you provide that this lunatic listened to anything other than the voices in his head. As with everything on the Left, knee-jerking is your greatest sport. Next time you attempt to comment on current events, first to attempt some basic analysis and critical thinking (oh, sorry, your a leftist, critical thinking has long been replaced by the blame-game).

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