Campaign 2010 – DeDomenico-Flaherty contest intensifying

During a morning visit to Chelsea to celebrate the arrival of a new, $470,000 fire truck for the Chelsea Fire Department earlier this week, Senator Sal DiDomenico said he was working hard to get himself re-elected.

“I am taking nothing for granted. We are working hard throughout the district – and especially in Cambridge,” he said with some satisfaction.

Cambridge is the hometown of his rival, Attorney Tim Flaherty.

Earlier this week, Flaherty came up with the endorsement of former Senator Jarrett Barrios, a coup by the estimates of some observers.

“I’m honored to have his endorsement,” Flaherty said following its announcement.

Flaherty’s stock went up a bit with the re-emergence of Barrios as a factor in the race.

Barrios held great sway in Everett during his tenure in the state senate.

Both candidates are working hard to make a difference in the hometown of the other.

DiDomenico has lately spread his political signs throughout the Cambridge portion of the district – an impressive show of force far away from the Everett home base.

Flaherty has continued his constant visitations to Charlestown, Chelsea, Revere in addition to campaigning in Everett.

Both candidates need to erode the other’s strength in their home bases in order to win.

DiDomenico must score a larger Cambridge vote than he did last time around if he hopes to retain his seat.

Flaherty must do the same in Everett, where DiDomenico buried him.

However, the votes scattered around the district are such that in this go around coming up, if Flaherty scores well in Cambridge than he may have the advantage over DiDomenico.

That vote alone, if it comes out, again, will likely give Flaherty a number of votes difficult to overcome even if Everett comes through again for DiDomenico.

So Cambridge is the key.

Everett is the key – but Cambridge more so than Everett this time around.

4 comments for “Campaign 2010 – DeDomenico-Flaherty contest intensifying

  1. August 19, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    DiDomenico is getting no traction in Cambridge. And word is that he's losing steam in Everett. I saw him last week at a standout and he only had 4 people with him. Tim had 60 in Everett last weekend. Sounds bad for Sal.

  2. Annetallon
    August 19, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    Cambridge voters know that Tim Flaherty has the leadership skills, intelligence and progressive outlook that they want in their state senator. They will stand firmly with him on Sept. 14 and in him the people of the district will elect a senator who will represent all of their interests.

  3. SandraL
    August 23, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    Question: Do we want a full time senator that devotes all of his time to his people or do we want a senator that divides his time with his “other” job?? I would that would be an easy decision!! If your answer is a full time senator (like mine), then DIDOMENICO is your guy! Sal is a full time Senator. I value the fact that he is 100% devoted to his districts. And if you live in one of his districts, you should too!

  4. Seamusob
    August 24, 2010 at 11:02 am

    Sandra; Perhaps you aren't aware that Tim has a law partner and has turned over his cases to that partner. Indeed, most of the people that Tim and Dan Flaherty represent are folks who are poor, undereducated and unemployed. Tim knows first hand that working to create jobs and fully fund classrooms will go a long way towards reducing poverty. I think Tim's experience as an attorney will further enhance what he brings to the office of State Senator. You have to know the law to help educate your constituents.

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