City distributes nearly 10,000 gallons of water to residents; cooperative effort a big success

Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. would like to thank the staff of the Police, Fire, and City Services for all their help in setting up the Water Distribution Center yesterday afternoon. The city handed out close to 10,000 gallons of water to Everett Residents.

The Mayor would also like to thank Everett Public Schools, the Everett Housing Authority, the Everett Board of Health, Antonio Amaya and his staff at La Comunidad, ECTV, the Everett Chamber of Commerce, Target Corporation, and Costco.

All of the above groups played an integral part and were willing to help in multiple ways. The Mayor is honored to have a dedicated staff and dedicated community groups willing to come to the aid of the City.

Mayor DeMaria also extends a warm thank you to all Everett residents for their patience and willingness to adapt to an extreme circumstance in a calm, orderly manner.

The accompanying pictures were taken at the Water Distribution Station.

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