Councilors explore new tax levy

Everett City Councilors Lou Sierra and Adam Ragucci are not going to let things rest at Monday night’s meeting. Both councilors have issues in their wards. “We are closing in on a year now and nothing has been done,” Sierra said referring to the water damage being done to homeowners property on Mt. Washington Street. Sierra has brought this request to the city engineer’s office for the last several months The issue is that runoff water from Garland Street is pouring onto Mt. Washington Street undermining several walls. The motion was laid on the table.

Ragucci has his sights set on a vacant house at 73 Central Avenue. “This is a major eyesore for the neighborhood,” he said. Presently, the home is in the foreclosures process. The matter was referred to the City Clerk and City Solicitor.

New taxes

For docking

Councilor Peter Napolitano put in a resolution seeking to charge waterfront businesses that dock boats a usage fee. Citing that there are 700-800 ships a year that dock in Everett, Napolitano said, “if we are looking at other sources of revenues, then we should look at this.” Several councilors voiced their concern about over taxing these industries like Distrigas and Exxon. Napolitano said that this was only “exploratory.” The motion was referred to rules & ordinances committee and invited city solicitor, assessor and community development director to attend.

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