Parlin School construction almost to completion

The ongoing construction project at the Parlin School is nearing completion, according to School Department official Joe Pedulla, who reported on the progress of the project at last week’s School Committee meeting.

Extensive repairs and additions to existing systems as well as classroom modifications including new equipment and technology are transforming the Parlin School.

Expected completion times for work in lab rooms, on HVAC and in the cafeteria are all expected to be complete by April.

In addition, all the schools exterior doors are being replaced and the gymnasium has been remodeled with new fire protection, lighting and with a state of the art air conditioning and ventilation system.

Perhaps the largest single item is the replacement of all the schools antiquated and inefficient windows.

A new window system costing about $665,000 will be installed.

A total of $1.5 million was agreed upon for the project.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria has committed the city to bond the money necessary for the replacement of the windows.

The large girls’ bathroom has been completely redone with new plumbing, tile, electrical work and fire protection.

The same has been accomplished in the boys’ bathroom facility.

The building’s entire electrical system has been replaced and is now able to support the new technology and services the school offers.

According to Pedulla, 62 new computers have been put into place and are operating inside the school as well as 44 Enoboards, which are up and running.

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