EI Recreation Center Offers Boot Camp

The Everett Recreation Department is offering the city’s residents a way to keep this New Year’s resolution to get in shape for 2010. The winter Boot Camp program starts on Monday nights at 6 p.m. and Wednesday evenings at 5:30 p.m. through to February 3rd.

Instructor Sam Amado, the city’s Recreation Supervisor, will guide and inspire participants through a version of the Armed Forces PFT, physical fitness test, to help them lose weight and build muscle and endurance.

The Boot Camp is sponsored by the Joint Committee for Children’s Healthcare in Everett, a group created in 1994 that is dedicated to providing Everett’s children with access to quality health care and resources to keep them healthy.

The Boot Camp classes are also funded by a Wellness Grant from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. These grants were awarded by Governor Deval Patrick’s Mass in Motion health campaign designed to promote nutrition and physical activity education at the local level.

Recreation Supervisor for Everett, Amado is no stranger to hard core fitness. A wrestler, Amado had also been a participant in ABC’s reality TV show Fat March from 2007. The show chronicled the journey of twelve individuals who had long struggled with weight issues as they walked from the starting line of the Boston Marathon over 550 miles to Washington, D.C., for a prize of US$1.2 million. During the course of the show, Amado lost 85 lbs and gained $40,000.

Boot Camps have been gaining in popularity over the past few years as an effective way to fit high impact fitness into a busy schedule. Combining cardiovascular exercise like distance running or sprinting with good old-fashioned strength-building moves such as push-ups, pull ups, and sit ups, instructors generally adopt “give me one more!” encouragement to keep the muscles working and keep the participants moving through new challenges.

For additional information on Boot Camp call the JCCHCE at 617-394-2414 or to learn about other events and classes available through Everett’s Recreation Department, visit the city’s website at http://www.ci.everett.ma.us.

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