The mayor’s winning ways

By all accounts, Mayor Carlo DeMaria has been able to reduce the perpetual Everett political riddle into something of strength and coherence.

His leadership has established him as the least controversial of Everett’s previous five mayors.

The divided city is divided no more. The days of the Ragucci-Hanlon battles, real battles hardfought by politicians who really didn’t like one another, seems like something without shape or form inhabiting a spacious area in the distant past.

For his part, Mayor DeMaria has shown great skill in managing people and in controlling the city’s many competing constituencies.

With a bit of charm and making use of his personal appeal with the next generation of Everett residents coming up the ladder, he has brought the city together during a difficult economic time when everything about our financial lives seems at risk.

Everett remains prosperous, despite the down economic marketplace.

No doubt, the mayor’s small business background has given him the impetus to keep the city a businesslike place, where major corporations can do their thing, side by side, with small businesses.

Although this is a time of recession, there are very few vacancies along the length of Broadway, which is a testimony to the city’s healthy business climate.

Everyone worries about the future.

The economy has been turned upside down.

However, one gets the strong feeling that Mayor DeMaria knows what he’s doing.

Keep up the good work, Mayor DeMaria.

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